Kubikraft Community Lobby Project

Be a part of something great!

Want your server to be seen? Just starting out? Want to grow your world?

Introducing the Kubikraft Community Lobby Project! Our goal is to bring small servers together and build a community based server-of-servers for all to enjoy. Many worlds, many games, many options, something for everyone.

How does it work?

The players on your world can see and access the other servers in the lobby, and the players on other worlds can see and access your server. This allows the different servers connected to grow and strengthen each other, together.

See our hub in game at kubikraft.projectpne.com! You wont be disappointed!

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Features Provided:

  • A portal to your server from our hub
  • A link to your website from ours
  • Email alerts for server crashes (optional)
  • A description of your world in-game
  • A spot for a banner in our lobby
  • DDoS protection
  • Chat monitoring and filtering
  • Online when Mojang is down
  • Toggleable Cross server chat
  • Cross server P2P mailing
  • Global player list

How am I affected?

  • 100% FREE to join our network
  • You are still the owner of your server
  • You can ban/whitelist as you wish
  • No admin/staff requirements
  • No assigned version numbers
  • No uptime requirements
  • talk with other server owners
  • Easily leave our network at any time

Want to join the project?

Joining this project is easy. Contact us by

clicking here

and we will walk you through the connection. Setup is easily accomplished quickly.