Creative Mode Plotworld

connect to and look for the portal!

The kubikraft plotworld Server is an awesome Creative Plotworld where you can build your amazing ideas!

Each and every one of our plots is the fantastic spacious size of 123x123, this means that not only do the plots give you lots of space, but they are also chunk aligned so your Redstone contraptions don't break!

we also have a discord server that you can find here

What are you waiting for? Head online now and grab a plot and start building!

Rules for this world:

  • No abusive or inappropriate builds.
  • No super fast Redstone clocks.
  • No griefing other creations.
  • Serverwide rules also apply

Server Information

Our moderators work hard to enforce the server rules to help maintain a pleasant environment.

The use of punishments such as bans and mutes are rarely used but sometimes necessary.

If you feel that you have been banned or muted unfairly, please go here.

Previous Maps: