Kubikraft Survival

connect to Play.kubikraft.com and look for the portal!

Survival is the original survival multiplayer server operated by kubikraft. originally opened in mid 2012, Kubikraft Survival has run almost continuously for 10.5 years!

World resets happen roughly every 1.5 years, loosley following major version releases.

we also have a discord server that you can find here

Upon joining this world, type /register you@example.com to leave spectator mode. Recording/streaming IS allowed.

Rules for this world:

  • Recording and streaming IS allowed.
  • Do not destroy anothers build without permission.
  • Do not steal from other players.
  • No duplicating of items or blocks.
  • Fill in your creeper holes! (seriously)
  • Be respectful of other players property
  • Serverwide rules also apply

Server Information

Our moderators work hard to enforce the server rules to help maintain a pleasant environment.

The use of punishments such as bans and mutes are rarely used but sometimes necessary.

If you feel that you have been banned or muted unfairly, please go here.

Previous Maps: